My Favourite Hobby Essay | My Favourite Hobby Essay 300+ Words

My Favourite Hobby Essay

 My Favourite Hobby 

My Favourite Hobby Essay

Introduction :

A hobby is an amusement. It is an interesting pursuit which we take up in our leisure hours. It is only a pastime taken up not for money but only for passing our leisurely hours. 

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Kinds of hobbies :

Hobbies are of many Kinds such as stamps, flowers, pictures, old books and old coins collection, (b) Games and Sports,  (c) Photography, painting, wood – carving, statue making music (d) Gardening, and (e) Reading. 

My Favourite hobby :

I like reading most. I am fond of reading newspapers, magazines, classics and books on worldly knowledge such as Geography, History and Science. 

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Private library :

For this purpose I have my own private library in which I have collected a large number of books and magazines. There are separate shelves for magazines, newspapers and books on various subjects such as Geography, History, Science and Literature. 

Division of time :

I have divided my time for all these various activities. I read newspapers in the morning just after taking my breakfast. Then I devote one hour daily for each subject such as Geography, History, Science and Literature. In the evening hours I read magazines. 

Preparing notes :

I note all important events daily also I prepare notes on classics. I study the classics thoroughly, and write down my appreciation of these books. 

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Collection of rare books :

I have a good collection of rare books. The first edition of standard books are there in my library. I have 20 manuscripts also. Out of these manuscripts 10 have been published while the other ten are waiting for proper opportunities to be published. If there is any additional information about the authors of these books, I write it down. The errors and misprints have also been marked by me in all my books. Some books tell me many interesting facts about our world. 

The benefits of having a hobby :

Hobby is very useful for human beings. It acts as spice in vegetable. Hobby adds to the zest of life. It increases our zeal and pleasure. Our leisure hours become interesting. The whole boredom of life is done away with. It gives something to eat for our mind. In our old age when we can do no serious work, it occupies our mind. Thus it checks our empty mind from turning into a Devil’s workshop.

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My Favourite Hobby Essay

My Favourite Hobby Essay

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