BCCI has decided not to send men’s and women’s cricket team, refusing the participation of Team India in the Asian Games.

BCCI has decided not to send cricket team in Asian Games.
BCCI has decided not to send cricket team in Asian Games.

BCCI has decided not to send cricket team in Asian Games.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has refused to send men’s and women’s cricket teams to the Asian Games to be held in China from 23 September to 28 October. This time cricket has also been included which will be played in T20 format. The Asian Games to be held last year was postponed due to Corona.

According to media reports, Chef de Mission of Asian Games Bhupender Singh Bajwa said that this time the entry of all the sports has been sent and 42 sports are being organized in the Asian Games. Bajwa told that the BCCI will not participate in the Asian Games this year due to the busy schedule of cricket, both men and women. BCCI had informed about this before the last date of entry.

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Asian Games are organized on a very large scale and participating in it is a big achievement for Indian sportspersons. The main objectives of the Asian Games are to organize field competitions among the countries, which helps them to interact more with each other. Due to the Corona epidemic this year, the event of this game was postponed for a year.

Prior to this announcement, Indian captain Virat Kohli had indicated that he would be ready to play in the Asian Games with his team. The board then informed him that the team could not participate in the Asian Games.

After this announcement, there was a ruckus on Twitter, because the inclusion of cricket in the Asian Games is as important as any other sport. But while taking this decision, BCCI must have kept in mind the busy schedule of its cricket team.

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ODI World Cup to be held in October-November :

This year the Men’s ODI World will be held in India in the month of October-November. The Asia Cup will also be played in September before the World Cup. It will be organized in Pakistan. Although the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has already declared that the Indian team will not go to Pakistan. Even before this, India had not quarreled with Pakistan.

Even after this, India’s matches can be played at any neutral venue. Apart from this, BCCI has also discussed with other teams before giving its opinion. While the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has openly expressed its concern on this issue.

Well there is a long history of cricket series between India and Pakistan. Important matches between the two teams like the Innocent Live Live Trophy, Asia Cup and World Cup have excited cricket enthusiasts.

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BCCI has not sent team in Asian Games before :

Cricket was included in the Asian Games in 2010 and 2014. Even then BCCI did not send both the men’s and women’s team in both. Cricket was excluded from the Jakarta Asian Games 2018. Cricket has made a comeback with the Asian Games to be held in China. This BCCI’s decision, not to send the Indian cricket team to the Asian Games comes at that time when the exercise to include cricket in the Olympics is underway.

Pakistan has won the most number of medals at the Asian Games:

  The participation of cricket has been in the Asian Games twice. In Men’s and Women’s cricket, Pakistan has won gold for the maximum number of times, 2 times. Bangladesh has won 4 medals while Pakistan men’s team has won bronze medal once, besides Pakistan women’s cricket team has been winner both the times.


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BCCI has decided not to send cricket team in Asian Games. -From Source

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